Did You Choose The Right Partner?

Relationships are like a rollercoaster- you never know when the next twist is coming and it is the unpredictability that keeps the relationship healthy. Did you think a healthy relationship is about showering gifts and sweet talks? It is for the initial years but as your relationship matures so does the way you work on it.
To keep your relationship healthy and happy you both need to nurture it, put constant efforts into making it work. If you think s/he is the one and you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, congratulations, we’re so happy for you but if you still want to hear it from someone else, read on to see if you and your partner fit these 5 signs.

5 Signs You Chose the Right Partner

1. Both of you don’t shy away from discussing your future, together
A happy relationship is about envisioning a future together, you both understand what you want from each other- now and in future- and are moving in that direction, together.

2. You spend time together, and apart
You take out time for each other, take interest in each other’s life, discuss, argue and work your schedule around each other.
Also, give each other space and have your own life with your friends and family. Do things that you enjoy.

3. You both make for a good team, but also maintain your personal identities
You both do well together, stand for each other and your family and friends when required but also do well on your own. Uplift each other but also maintain personal growth.

4. You have set financial goals
Finance is one aspect that many couples don’t agree on or do not share their true financial standing with each other. Don’t let finances become a hurdle for your relationship but make it a stepping stone in your relationship.

5. Your family and friends like your partner
It’s a great thing that you found an amazing partner but it makes for an even better relationship if your friends and family also like your partner.

These are just a few telltale signs of knowing whether you are heading in the right direction with your chosen one. If you and your partner do not fit into this box doesn’t mean you are not headed the right way. Every individual has their own way of building a relationship, the only thing that matters is both of you are happy and growing in your relationship.

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